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   In the 2000th century, we have seen many technological advances -- from the radio to television and now, the Internet. The entertainment forms that will shape the Internet in the future are the one that can be streamed. The hottest of this types are mp3 (sound) and asf (motion with sound).

   Streaming is just the ability of a file to be read even went the whole file isn't downloaded. This is so useful because of the bandwidth limitation that is imposed on 90% of Internet users that still log on through a modem. In short, you can listen to a mp3 file while you are still downloading it and decide middle way that it's not worth it.

   Mp3 is based on perceptual coding techniques. Which means that the human ears are not perfect, so why record sound digitally perfect, if people can't tell the difference. Using this idea, coding efficiency is achieved with an algorithm that exploits the signal that are irrelevant.

   What is ASF? "ASF" stands for "Advanced Streaming Format. It was create or standardized by Microsoft. The development of asf was to address all form of media content. This can be summed up to be video and sound. In other words, it covers the range of video, sound, images, text and animation.


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